Wednesday 27 October 2010

NOTE: SAS TALKS Celebrates One Year

At the same time as we mark the passing of Benoît Mandelbrot, SAS TALKS is celebrating its first birthday.

SAS TALKS is a series of free webinars offered by SAS and featuring SAS technical experts. You can watch any of the last year's ten webinars from the SAS TALKS archive. The eleventh and most recent ("Feeding Output from PROC SUMMARY into a SAS9 OLAP Cube" by Michelle Buchecker from SAS) will be available soon.

These webinars are usually presented very well and contain useful, insightful information. If you attend the live versions you can ask questions too.

The next live webinar to watch will be "That's Not What I Meant: Adventures in Defining New Variables" by A. John Bailer from Miami University. This will be broadcast on Thursday November 11th and you can sign-up on SAS TALKS' Featured page. John will shows tips and tricks for correctly constructing and recoding variables, plus pits and traps to avoid.

In December, SAS's Angela Hall (authoress of the SAS-BI blog) will talk about "SAS Web Report Studio Performance Improvement".