Tuesday 3 January 2012

NOTE: Booked for SAS Global Forum 2012

I've just booked my trip to SAS Global Forum (SGF) 2012. Sadly my kids go back to school on the very day that SGF starts - Monday 23rd April - so they won't be coming with me to Walt Disney World in Florida.

I don't recall booking so many different travel components when I travelled with my wife to my first SUGI/SGF in New York for SUGI 18 in 1993. We arrived a few days early, toured the length and breadth of Manhattan, and had a great time. However, by the time the conference started I was glad of the opportunity to sit down.

This year I booked flight and accommodation as a "holiday" package with Virgin Holidays (including free return transfer from airport to hotel). I also booked:
  • Car parking for my car to be left in the UK
  • Lounges with wi-fi so I can make best use of my time whilst hanging around the airports waiting for flights
  • An application for entry to the US through the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) - thankfully, last year's application was still valid
  • Travel insurance
  • Conference registration
  • Did I forget anything??
On reflection, our 1993 trip was booked by a travel agent, and my 2012 trip was done by me on the internet. The travel agent handled all of the individual bits and pieces of the trip. I haven't used a travel agent for years. Maybe I should give it a try next year.

109 days to departure!