Tuesday 24 January 2012

NOTE: Monitoring the SAS 9.2 Metadata Server

There's a nice walkthrough of some of the features of the SAS 9.2 metadata server on the SAS Professionals web site in the Social Media / Videos section. You'll have to be a SAS Professionals member to view it from the link I've provided, but if you're not already a member it's a good reason to join now (it's free).

The 7 minute video is particularly useful if you've recently upgraded from 9.1 and would like a reminder of the nice new features you now have available to you.

It particularly caught my eye because I've just recently added the SAS Platform Administration: Fast Track (SPAFT) five-day course to my training repertoire. So, if you plan to attend this SAS UK course this year, you might just find me teaching you (please don't let that put you off booking!).