Monday 13 December 2010

NOTE: Web Report Studio Performance in SAS TALKS

This Thursday (16th December) sees SAS's Angela Hall talk about Web Report Studio Performance Improvements in the latest of the SAS TALKS series of webinars. It's free. Just visit the SAS TALKS home page to register.

Angela is well-known through her excellent SAS-BI Blog. In her webinar, Angela will touch upon many topics for enhancing WRS performance. These will include SQL pass-through, information maps and SAS/ACCESS technologies. Book your "seat" early!

Don't forget to check-out the previous SAS TALKS webinars that are available on-demand. Just click the On-Demand TALKS tab to list them all. Finally, in January SAS's Chris Hemedinger will be talking about Enterprise Guide 4.3's new features for programmers and how you can exploit them to the max.