Monday 21 March 2011

NOTE: Phil Holland - Rock Star!?

So, whilst I'm distracted from my other work, I can't resist sharing the huge chuckle I had when I saw Waynette Tubbs's latest edition of her SASonality series. It was titled "Phil Holland is another SAS Rock Star!" For those of us that know Phil and count him as a friend there are many positive accolades we could offer, but Rock Star is not one that would have come to my mind.

However, having ribbed Phil about the headline, the joke was on me because Phil pointed out that he had actually been lead singer of a pop group in 1971. Kick-back party at SAS Global Forum 2012 maybe?...

Anyway, joking aside, Phil is deserving of Waynette's article, not just for his SAS Global Forum efforts, but for all his good work in publishing VIEWS News every quarter for the last [goodness knows how many] years. Rock on Phil!