Monday 24 June 2013

NOTE: Agile Developments at SAS

Seek and you shall find. Isn't Google wonderful? I'm a keen proponent of Agile software development practices and processes. I've long been curious to know more about the software development processes used within the various teams at SAS. Jason Burke wrote an informative blog post back in 2009 but I just hit upon a recent paper by SAS's Tim Arthur titled Agile Adoption: Measuring its worth.

The paper was prepared for the April 2013 Strategic Execution Conference and it describes the results of Tim's survey on Agile adoption within SAS since the initiation of some pilots in 2007. Tim describes how Agile has been interpreted and adopted at SAS, and then presents his survey findings. The survey found that respondents' believed that their teams had produced higher quality products since they started adopting Agile practices, and respondents would recommend Agile techniques to other teams.

The paper places greater emphasis on the survey and its results rather than the Agile practices and processes adopted within SAS but nonetheless I found it a most interesting read.

Accompanying slides (and the paper) can be found here:

[UPDATE. Coincidence? Tim Arthur just posted a blog entry about Agile on the SAS blog site today. It's titled How SAS R&D does agile and it briefly talks about the use of Agile at SAS]