Monday 15 July 2013

NOTE: SAS 9.4 is Functioning Well

The unveiling of a new version of SAS always brings big, exciting new features and capabilities, but I love checking-out the detail too. New functions (and new function parameters) invariably provide interest too.

SAS 9.4 brings the DS2 language; Powerpoint and HTML5 as ODS destinations: customised attributes for data sets; the ability to write to a Sharepoint library; the direct ability to read zip files; clustered metadata servers; and much more. But how about these new/enhanced functions? I'm keen to find a use for each!

In essence, the DOSUBL function allows macro code to be executed in the middle of a DATA step. This almost turns the order of SAS execution on its head!

The FCOPY function makes file copying simpler. FCOPY reads a record from one fileref and writes it to a second.

These old favourites have been enhanced with the ability to override the justification of your output. You can centre, right-align, or left-align the output you create.