Tuesday 15 October 2013


Last week I wrote-up some notes from part of the SAS Professionals Roadshow from earlier in October. Aside from the V9.4 update, I also attended the Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) update. Here are my notes:

  • V4.4 is the latest version
  • Google Chrome (and one or two other browsers) is now supported alongside Internet Explorer
  • It's worth noting that SAS/SECURE is now part of SAS/BASE and accessible to EBI
  • EBI integration is now available with the SAS Mobile BI app on Apple iOS and Google Android. The app can use relational web reports (srx) without the need for Visual Analytics (VA). OLAP is not currently supported, only relational reports. To use this feature, just login to the metadata server from the app, navigate the metadata folders to find your srx report, and subscribe to the report
  • In addition to mobile access to VA reports and relational srx reports, the Roambi relationship continues for 9.4
  • The BI Dashboard now remembers your last position and offers greater interaction with stored processes, i.e. a limited selection of prompts
  • Support for office 2013 (back to 2007) is provided
  • SAS Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint now includes the ability to view of Web Report Studio srx reports, BI dashboards, stored processes, and VA reports 
  • Enterprise Guide 6.1 is new, yet it can be co-installed alonside 5.1
  • EG 6.1 has an improved scheduler with triggers and actions
  • EG 6.1 has a completely standalone installer - so there's no need to install it from a large depot
  • EG 6.1 supports SAS 9.2 onwards
All-in-all, a valuable session.