Thursday 28 August 2014

Unplanned Sabbatical - NO MORE

So, it's been a bit quiet in NOTE:land for the last six months. I last wrote in January, and it's now August.

I started the NOTE: blog in July 2009. Since then, up to January, I have posted 459 articles. That's an average of more than 8 posts per month. I wasn't aware of these numbers until I calculated them to write this article, but maybe they go some way to explaining why I hit a point in January where I felt I had to take a break from writing. At first it was just "a few weeks" but it's turned into months.

Despite publishing nothing for the last six months, the NOTE: site has received 7,500+ hits per month, so I guess there must be something of interest in those 459 articles.

I've always enjoyed writing my posts for NOTE:, so I knew that my "sabbatical" would end sooner rather than later. And so, you can now reinstate your expectations of a steady stream of stuff about SAS software, software development practices, data warehousing, business intelligence, and analytics, plus occasional mentions of broader technical topics that are of personal interest to me, e.g. Android and Bletchley Park.

And finally, thank you to those who sent kind messages of concern regarding my sudden silence in January. I was touched by your concern.