Friday 4 September 2009

What is/was NOTE: ?

From the number of queries we've received it's clear that we're reaching a new audience with this blog and many readers don't know the history of NOTE:.

In a nutshell, NOTE: was our free, email newsletter that was sent irregularly and contained a wide variety of SAS-related news, hints, tips and experience. We officially retired NOTE: earlier this year and replaced it with this blog. There's an archive of the previous issues of NOTE: at Most of the articles are still relevant and interesting.

The first issue of NOTE: was sent to just 70 lucky recipients. Subscription was free, interest grew quickly, and the last issue went to 2,855 SAS practitioners. It peaked at 4,270.

Along the way we featured two crossword competitions, with prizes. You can still see these (and try them for yourself), alongside a couple of "coffee-time" crosswords at the RTSL web site. Have fun.

We will be re-publishing the most popular NOTE: articles into this blog from time-to-time, so you will be able to catch-up over time.