Monday 12 October 2009

NOTE: Enterprise Guide Expires 2010

CORRECTION: See comments from Chris@SAS

Enterprise Guide (EG) V4.1 only works with SAS V9.1; and EG V4.2 only works with SAS V9.2; and EG V4.1 will stop working in December 2010. So if you're currently on EG 4.1, you need to migrate to SAS V9.2 before December 2010. Let me explain...

SAS usage note #33359 states that SAS Enterprise Guide software has a built-in expiration date, which is generally five to six years after it has been released. The software expires on the following dates:

SAS Enterprise Guide 2.1: December 1, 2008
SAS Enterprise Guide 3.02: December 1, 2009
SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1: December 1, 2010

And SAS's Chris Hemedinger wrote in the SAS Dummy blog back in May 2008 that whilst you can use EG 4.1 with SAS 9.2 running on the same machine
  • You cannot use SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1 to connect to SAS 9.2 running on another platform or remote machine.
  • You will not be able to use SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1 to connect to SAS 9.2-based SAS Metadata Server
And Chris followed this by saying that EG 4.2 supports only SAS 9.2 and later (not V9.1 nor V8.2).

The conclusion from all of this is that by December 2010 you must have migrated to SAS 9.2 and EG 4.2, else EG will stop working. And, when you do the migration, you have to migrate your version of EG on the same day as you migrate your SAS version.

I was surprised to discover the hard-wired expiry in EG. And when you combine it with the compatibility issues between EG versions and SAS versions, you get a situation that requires early planning for the SAS 9.1 to SAS 9.2 migration. You have been warned...