Wednesday 7 October 2009

Building The Blog

We thought that the techies in the NOTE: audience might be interested in knowing how we built the blog, so we assembled this (non-PowerPoint!) presentation. It shows how we have used several web-based services to provide:
  • Blogging capabilities whereby we have a decent text editor to create posts, the posts can be scheduled for automatic publication at a later date, and we can layout a coherent home page for the blog with features such as indexing, archiving, and a "cloud" of keywords
  • Automatic emailing of posts to subscribers
  • Automatic twittering (tweeting) to inform of new posts and provide links to those posts
  • Visit & subscription statistics
To see the presentation below:
  1. Click the grey Play triangle at the centre bottom of the frame
  2. Wait for the grey progress bar to complete its journey from left to right and for "Menu" or "More" to appear bottom-right
  3. Click Menu/More and select Fullscreen (unless your screen resolution and your eyesight is a lot better than mine!)
  4. Proceed through the presentation by repeatedly pressing the grey Play triangle at the centre bottom of the frame
If you have trouble with the in-stream presentation below, try using the original Prezi presentation instead.

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