Wednesday 25 November 2009

POLL RESULT: What is your preferred method for accessing the NOTE: blog?

We recently ran a poll on the blog to understand your preferred method for accessing the information contained hereabouts. The ability to vote was open to all. A mere 27 votes were cast, not a sufficient number to draw significant conclusions from (and it was open to mis-use by voting more than once). However, the results are shown below and demonstrate a large apparent preference for access by RSS feed.

Visiting the web site:   1 ( 3%)
RSS reader:             16 (59%)
Email subscription:      4 (14%)
Twitter:                 4 (14%)
Other:                   2 ( 7%)

I'm intrigued by the 2 votes for "other". What other access channels are there? Please do post a comment with your suggestions.

NOTE: used to be published as an email and was sent (free) to over 4,000 subscribers. In converting to a blog we had assuemd that there would be a preference to receive new posts via email. It seems we may have been wrong. We will use the information to reconsider our posting pattern. We currently post just twice a week in order to keep down the volume of emails. If you have any posting preferences, please let us know in a comment.