Monday 16 November 2009

NOTE: SAS-L is Still Extremely Popular!

Despite competition from many sides, it's good to see that SAS-L (now synonomous with usenet newsgroup is still going strong and still providing a great service for anybody with questions or opinions about SAS.

Whilst I know that the newsgroup started in July 1993, I confess I've been unable to find when SAS-L started.

Figures from Google* show 28,000 posts per year over the last three years, possibly down to 25,000 this year. Web sites, newsletters and blogs have come and gone but the fact that SAS-L is still capable of pulling sufficient users to generate 70 posts per day shows that it remains *the* site for SAS knowledge. Google's list of top posters this month includes the names of some familiar SAS-L stalwarts including Ron Fehd, Arthur Tabachneck and Peter Crawford.

Catalist shows there are over 3,000 people subscribed through SAS-L, plus countless others accessing the information through

If you have some information to share, or you seek an answer to a problem that you've been unable to resolve yourself, try posting and be prepared to be surprised at how quickly you get a conversation and valuable help.