Monday 23 November 2009

Round the World: Race 3 Ends - SAS Consultant's Yacht Leads

Team Finland, with UK-based SAS consultant Andy Philips onboard, finished second in the South America to Africa leg of the round-the-world race. Having won the first two races, their second place in the third race means they sit at the top of the leaderboard as they fettle Team Finland for the fourth race - Africa to Australia.

Race three saw some interesting variations in tactics, some very heavy weather, plus a scary man-overboard rescue on Hull & Humber.

Race four sees the crews face yet tougher seas - "should be interesting!" said Andy in his email to me last week, having arrived into port the previous night. "Loving this hot water, beer, and a floor that isn't heeled over at 30 degrees!"

Good luck, Andy!