Tuesday 19 January 2010

NOTE: Enterprise Guide Add-Ins

In a recent post on his SASdummy blog, Chris Hemedinger featured some add-ins for Enterprise Guide 4.1 that allow import and export of files from JMP, Stata and SPSS. These were written by Chris (using PROC IMPORT and EXPORT) and are available for download. These add-ins are not supported, but the same functionality will be shipped with EG 4.2 - supported.

Chris's post left me wondering how many other EG add-ins might be available "off the shelf" on the web. Ideally for free!

I'm sorry to report that I didn't find many. Phil Holland offers a variety of reporting add-ins (for a variety of versions of EG). Evaluation copies are available for free; commercial copies are priced accordingly. As an example, Phil's "Advanced ODS Reporting" add-in offers GUI screens to build SAS code to process data and then display it using ODS Table templates. Phil says it's not a complete replacement for the manual coding of programs containing ODS Table templates code, but allows the user to generate the similar reports to those created using PROC REPORT itself.

EG 4.1 add-ins are written with .NET and so writing one requires knowledge beyond the SAS sphere. Maybe that's a reason why there are so few that people are willing to share. Do you know of any other add-ins that are available? Have you written any yourself that are freely available? Please let me know and I'll pass-on the message to the NOTE: readership.