Monday 13 September 2010

BetterManagement Moves to the SAS Knowledge Exchange

I noticed that the oft valuable contributions at BetterManagement have moved to the SAS Knowledge Exchange web site. This was announced in a recent post from BetterManagement. was formed in 2000 by ABC Technologies Inc.The aim was to launch an online service that provided a soft-sell style of message to potential customers. SAS acquired ABC in 2002, and hence BetterManagement too. The BM web site hosts an excellent collection of articles and on-demand webinars on a wide variety of topics, all of which gently lead the reader to consider the role of SAS software in the subject area. It will continue to be available until July 2011.

SAS tell me that content is being shifted to the SAS web site. To date, not much has been shifted. Searching the BM web site for "bicc" produces four hits, yet the SAS KE site produces none. Not a scientific test, but indicative nonetheless I think.

The four hits on the BM web site include an excellent business intelligence competency centre (BICC) audio & slides presentation by SAS's Stefanie Gerlach and Dagmar Bräutigam that I've watched previously. However, upon doing research for this article I was unable to get the presentation to roll. I hope this isn't a sign on an earlier than planned end for BM! On the plus-side, "Beyond Spreadsheets: Risks and Productivity in the Real World (video interview)" worked fine for me.