Saturday 4 September 2010

NOTE: Celebrating Our 1st Birthday

Though I did a couple of test posts in July 2009, NOTE: really got started with its first post on Friday September 4th 2009. So, today we celebrate our first birthday.

In that year we've built a loyal band of followers. Thank you to all of you.

NOTE: is accessible in many different ways:

Just under 200 people use an RSS reader to get their SAS fix.
100 people get an automatic email copy of posts on any day in which an article is published.
73 people follow us on Twitter and get a near-instant tweet every time a new posts appears on NOTE:.
We get an average of 12 visitors to the web site each day, and they've created over 8,000 page views in the last year

I'm glad you find the content interesting. Please help us to grow further by telling your fellow SAS practitioners how informative NOTE: is, and by telling us what additional topics you'd like to read about.