Monday 1 November 2010

NOTE: Multiple KPIs in HTML

One of the most popular posts of all time on NOTE: is PROC GKPI Does Dashboards. I was recently alerted to some interesting further information by a tweet from @Technolero (Fred Janssen). In the tweet, Fred said that SAS Sample 41421 describes putting multiple PROC GKPI outputs on the same HTML page using the HTMLPANEL tagset.

I'd not previously heard of the HTMLPANEL tagset but I found some background information in the R&D area of the SAS web site. In days of yore, SAS programmers used to use PROC GREPLAY to place more than one SAS graphic onto a single page; more advanced programmers may have used the DATA Step Graphics Interface (DSGI). Now it seems that HTMLPANEL is a modern way of doing this.

You can see a couple of good examples of its use on Rob Allison's excellent site. Rob offers a SAS/GRAPH imitation of Google Analytics dashboard and a SAS/GRAPH ODS htmlpanel dashboard. Sanjaya Kumar's NESUG '06 paper described usage of HTMLPANEL in nice step-by-step fashion. Recommended.

The HTMLPANEL tagset is supported in SAS 9.1 and later.