Monday 10 January 2011

NOTE: Using the ANY and ALL Operators in PROC SQL

Let me put my cards on the table before we start: I had never heard of the ANY and ALL operators in PROC SQL before I spotted David Shannon's tweet this evening. The ANY and ALL operators are PROC SQL operators which can be used to compare the result of a query expression against either ANY or ALL of the results returned from another query. Read the Amadeus tips entry to discover the details! It was an eye-opener for me.

Amadeus are one of the UK's leading SAS consultancies (alongside RTSL!), and David is Amadeus's Technical Director. The UK SAS consultancy business is a small world, so I've known David for many years. However, despite knowing David quite well, I was surprised and amused (in equal measure) to see that he is contemplating the infamous Land's End to John O'Groats journey (LEJOG - a 1,000+ mile journey from the most extreme southwestward tip of Britain in Cornwall in England to the most extreme northeastern tip in Scotland) in a 1970's British sports car, without using major roads. The man is off his trolley! You can follow David's planning and trip on his blog.

My wife completed LEJOG on a pedal bike in 10 days last year. Let's see if the best of the British motor industry of the 70's can get there faster... Both journeys were / will be in aid of good charities...