Monday 24 January 2011

NOTE: Booked and Ready for SGF (SAS Global Forum)

My SAS Global Forum (SGF) paper proposal has been accepted by the conference organisers and is scheduled for 5:40pm on Wednesday April 6th. You can see further details in the conference agenda builder (warning: big page, slow to load).

My paper is entitled SAS Software Development with the V-Model. Given the nature of the Coder's Corner stream in which I am presenting, I'll be focusing on coding techniques for the testing phase.

If you're not already planning to attend SGF I suggest you visit the conference web site and see what an opportunity you're passing-up. Reduced rates for early registration end February 28th, so you have a few weeks remaining in which to convience your budget holder of the great training benefits of SGF.

If you are coming to SGF, please be sure to find me and say "hi" (I might even stand you a beer!). Best of all, come along to my paper and stay and have a chat afterwards.

You can follow some of the pre-event activity on the SGF blog. Last year's Twitter hashtag was #sgf10 but this year's takes a slightly different format and is #sasgf11. The change in format follows recognition that protection of the SAS brand means it should not be subsumed into an abbreviation, hence SAS staff do not use the abbreviation SGF! It's all explained in Steve Benfield's blog post from June last year.

My hotel and flight are booked too. I hope the food on my Virgin flight isn't the same as Oli Beale's - eloquently described (and photographed) in his letter of complaint to Sir Richard Branson!