Tuesday 1 November 2011

NOTE: Business Intelligence Notes

Tricia Aanderud (@TAanderudcommented on my post about the late Dennis Ritchie. Her observation that she frequently finds herself creating elaborate SAS programs to avoid using the dreaded command line rang true with me. Big time!

Tricia and Angela Hall (@Angela, Real BI for Real Users blog) are working on a new SAS publication entitled Building Business Intelligence Using SAS. Judging by their recent tweets it'll be published soon. The advance information I've seen makes the book look a real winner.

And another winner is their joint web site. It'd somehow passed me by until Tricia subtly introduced it in her comment. In addition to being beautifully presented, http://www.bi-notes.com/ is full of useful BI tips and tricks - tasters of what is to come in their book. I've already added it to my Google Reader subscriptions, and I've added it to NOTE:'s blogroll too. Recommended.

From a quick overview of SAS EBI to squeezing more visible columns into your Web Report Studio output, there's plenty of interest.