Monday 13 August 2012

NOTE: Farewell to London 2012 #London2012

This week is going to feel strange. "London 2012" will revert to simply being a reference to London in the year 2012 AD. Since the 2012 Olympics were awarded to London on 6th July 2005, the phrase "London 2012" has held special meaning and anticipation for us Brits.

The last few weeks have been one long celebration for Londoners. Aside from some fabulous sport and competition, London has benefited from a multitude of cultural activities and events. Coming so soon after the celebrations for The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, I've forgotten what London is like in "ordinary" times.

On my journey to and from my London office, and meeting friends and colleagues around London, I've seen plenty of Wenlock and Mandeville statues in a variety of costumes; a smartly suited gentleman with a flowerpot head walking around London Bridge railway station; London 2012 bunting everywhere; friendly greetings from every one of the many, many Olympic volunteers I came across; and had my hand shaken by a member of the Ood upon my arrival at London Charing Cross railway station!

I was immensely grateful for the 24 (yes, count them, 24!) BBC TV channels, showing every minute of every sport live in High Definition quality. I'm now looking forward to the start of the Paralympics. I've got tickets for one of the paralympic equestrian events (no jokes about horses in wheelchairs, please) and I'm desparately fighting the Olympic ticket web site to get tickets for the athletics. Wish me luck!

Anyway, ... the Olympics have brought smiles and cheer to Londoners, but they have also delivered a deluge of data and information. So, to round-out London 2012, I thought I'd round-up some of the best SAS-related Olympic data articles:

Graphs of Olympic proportions!, by Rob Allison

Data visualization of funding of 2012 Olympics, by Charles Pirrello

Watching the London Olympics on my smartphone - Now this is BIG DATA, by Ken King

Summer Olympics 2012 – athlete analytics with JMP, by Daniel Valente

The articles contain a nice mixture of graphics, finances, and statistics. If there was an Olympics for SAS practitioners, what event would you be entering?...

Now we have the paralympics to look forward to...