Monday 27 August 2012

NOTE: Metacoda Plug-Ins V3 With Free Plug-Ins

Metacoda's Michelle recently wrote to me. I'm a fan of the Platform Admin blog, written by Metacoda's Paul; and I've long been a fan of Metacoda's Security Plug-Ins that offer a far wider and clearer window onto the complexity of SAS security metadata. I'm keen to support all the great products in the SAS third-party market, so I'm happy to reproduce the key parts of Michelle's email below.
I hope you are well. Seems like you enjoyed the Olympics and that you enjoyed the atmosphere, events and spirit it brought... (BTW we noticed that the year 2012 referenced in your blog post, you have as 2012 BC... I think you meant 2012 AD ;-) )
[Argh. Since I took my 2 month break, I seem incapable of writing a decent blog article. The Olympic article is now corrected. Thanks Michelle]
I wanted to let you know (in case you haven't seen it already) that we have a new beta release within our Metacoda Plug-ins software that includes 2 free plug-ins (ACT Reviewer and the Metacoda Metadata Explorer). We have 2 blog posts about it at: - talking about what is new and a detailed technical blog post Paul did on the Metacoda Metadata Explorer

If you (or any of your customers) are interested in getting a 1 month evaluation on our Metacoda Plug-ins V3 BETA2 release please fill in the form at

Kind Regards,
SAS's security layer provides an excellent amount of freedom, choice and coverage. The Metacoda Plug-Ins give you a fantastic ability to fully understand and maintain your ACTs, ACEs, and all the other components and relationships in your security layer. The screen shot below gives an indication of the range of functionality available. Why not take-up Michelle on her offer of a 1 month evaluation?...