Friday 11 January 2013

NOTE: Are You Game for Big Data Overload?

Earlier this week, SAS launched a new software product. It's free! AND it runs on Android and Apple iOS devices!! What am I talking about?... the latest craze to hit analytics offices worldwide... Big Data Overload, the game.

This is a fun game in which you play the role of a business decision maker working in a high-paced environment where exploiting data is critical to the survival of your business. Unfortunately things are starting to get difficult. Up until now you have coped… but for how much longer? How long can you survive with manual processes? Can you exploit all of the data before it hits the Decision Horizon and its value is lost forever?

At some point you will reach Big Data Overload… That is where the SAS powered V-Cans can help. They are souped up and rearing to go with high performance analytics… they are ready to help you at any point. They do stuff humans can't do… they have the Power to Know!

Have fun… and when you've mastered the game download the SAS Mobile BI app from within the game and see how SAS can help you with real-world big data challenges.

Download on iPad and iPhone

Download on Google Play for Android

It's already gone down a storm with my colleagues in the office. Something for the weekend?...