Tuesday 2 April 2013

NOTE: SAS Talks Revisited

It's been quite a while since I last mentioned the excellent SAS Talks series. In the intervening period, the archive of talks has grown enormously. The archive of talks is a veritable treasure trove of SAS knowledge.

SAS Talks is principally a series of live webinars. The next live event is Getting Started with SAS with Chris Hemedinger and Stacey Syphus (both from SAS) on Thursday April 11th. The information page tells you more about the event, and offers the ability to register for the free event.

The number of past events in the archive has grown to the point where some structure has been applied to the archive. The videos are now split into:
  • Meet the expert
  • Meet the instructor
  • Meet the author
  • Meet the customer
As you can see, the SAS Talks cover all aspects of SAS and its usage, from all perspectives.

Take a look! There's sure to be a topic that relates to your current project.