Wednesday 23 June 2010

The End Marks a New Beginning - With You?

Can you make use of my services? My current contract assignment is due to finish very soon. If you need a short/medium-term project manager for your SAS-related project, or you need a technical lead or development team lead, please contact me to discuss details.

Coincidentally, SAS have just issued a press release on the Basel II project that I successfully managed on their behalf recently. The press release describes how the SAS solution was tailored to provide Barclays with a global credit risk solution. Steering the SAS development team to deliver such a great success was very pleasing for me.

My most recent projects have included a SAS version upgrade; architecting a migration from a PC-centric deployment to a server-centric deployment; introducing configuration management to a development team; delivering a multi-million pound license fee saving by replacing a third-party tabulation and visualisation product with SAS software; mentoring SAS developers; and procuring statistical software for a national statistics institution (following EU procurement regulations).

All of my current projects are almost complete, but it hasn't curbed my hunger to try to find a new opportunity that is equally as challenging and demanding as the last. Do you have such a project? Please email me or call me on 01322-525672 (+44-1322-525672 for callers outside of the UK) to discuss details.