Monday 21 June 2010

NOTE: SAS Talks: Making Enterprise Guide the Center of Your Business

This Thursday (24th June) sees another event in the excellent SAS Talks webinar series. Entitled "Making SAS Enterprise Guide the Center of Your Business", SAS UK's Neil Constable (author of SAS Programming for Enterprise Guide Users) will explore how to analyse information in Enterprise Guide and publish it to your organisation quickly and effectively.

It's free, just register. You'll be given the opportunity to download an entry to your calendar, and you'll be sent an email with instructions. Then tune-in via your web browser at 6pm BST on Thursday.

Neil will describe how to:
  • Create a report combining output from multiple tasks and export it to PDF or HTML.
  • Redirect the formatted output from a task directly into Excel.
  • Add extra formatting commands to your output, such as page orientation.
  • Build linked reports and graphs.
  • Publish from Enterprise Guide directly to the Web.
  • Turn an Enterprise Guide task into a stored process, complete with dynamic and cascading prompts.
Neil will show you how to get the most out of your investment in SAS software and in your adoption of Enterprise Guide.

And, make a note in your diary for the next event in the series: "CSSSTYLE: Stylish Output with ODS and SAS 9.2" by Cynthia Zender on July 22nd (registration opens 8th July).