Monday 28 June 2010

NOTE: More Blogs of Note

I noticed that fellow blogger Chris Hemedinger recently recommended some SAS-related blogs. One was mine (my cheeks are turning a humble shade of red), another was Susan Slaughter's (mentioned in NOTE: before), and two were new to me.

I'm a follower of @AnnMariaStat on Twitter, and Chris is right to point-out her blog for those who have an interest in SAS and/or statistics and/or education. However, she went down in my estimation when she tweeted earlier today to say that she thought the upcoming Australia & New Zealand SAS Forum sounds better than the recent SAS Professional's Convention in the UK. Just kidding!

And Chris is right to highlight Stephen Philp's recent return to the blogging fold. Started in February 2005, it is a large repository of knowledge. Congratulations on the recent arrival, Stephen. Now it's time to get back to the blogging :)