Monday 21 June 2010

NOTE: SAS BI Logs Made Easy

I just found a couple of useful tools that I'm looking forward to using next time I have a problem with a SAS BI server!

I've been quiet over the last couple of weeks because I've been working from home and looking after the kids while my wife has cycled the length of Britain (from Land's End in the South West of England, to John O'Groats in North East Scotland). It's a 1,000 mile journey and Cathy did it in 10 days. I'm very proud of her, and so are the kids. You can see her blog of her journey at (and you can still donate to her chosen charity and congratulate her on her success - don't forget to say you're a NOTE: reader)

Sadly, taking care of the kids' requirements for dropping-off at school, and picking-up from school, and dinner, and help with homework meant that I was unable to attend the SAS Professionals conference at Marlow. I will be there next year. It's an excellent forum to pick-up new SAS-related information and to catch-up with old friends from the SAS world.

Anyway, now that life in the Ratcliffe household is back to normal (well, as normal as it ever is) I have time to get back to the NOTE: blog...

...and I came across a SAS e-newsletter article from 2007 that described a couple of tools that SAS made available for reading SAS BI server logs.
  • The SAS BI Color Coding Application color codes SAS BI log files and highlights important information. The application makes it easier to read and understand the log files
  • The Object Spawner Request Summary Report Application reads SAS Object Spawner log files and produces reports and graphs of what it finds
Both sound useful. I'm just waiting for a problem so I can try them out for real!