Wednesday 7 July 2010


One of my current responsibilities is to project manage a UK government procurement for statistical software. One of the software requirements is for compliance with the UK's Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). I was interested to see SAS's ACCESSIBILITY graphics option. In specific circumstances, GOPTION ACCESSIBILITY instructs SAS/GRAPH to generate descriptive text and data that is relevant to the graph, such as the summary statistics that are represented by a bar chart.

The intriguing aspect of this option is that the accessibility information that SAS/GRAPH writes to the graph's output HTML file and footnote is not visible in the output HTML file, but both are detected by an accessibility aid, such as a screen reader. The graph footnote has an "invisible" link to the chart data. Check-out the link, run the sample code and see for yourself.

I'm sure this option has uses beyond accessibility. Any thoughts?