Monday 18 November 2013

NOTE: Additional SAS Professionals in London

Whilst the scheduling of the international Analytics 2013 event in London in June (hosted by SAS) precluded the annual SAS Professionals conference, we're being treated to a series of SAS Professionals Roadshow events in Marlow, London and Dublin (and Scotland and Manchester early next year). I attended the Marlow event in October and found it most informative. I wrote about it at the time (here, here and here).

It seems that the upcoming London event has proved more popular than anticipated and so SAS have added an extra date. December 11th is sold-out, but December 12th is now available to be booked. The SAS Professionals web site has full details. If you're not already signed-up for a date, don't miss your opportunity for the new date. Book ASAP!