Tuesday 14 January 2014

NOTE: Thoughts on Lineage

I got quite a lot of interested feedback on the BI Lineage post I made last week. My post highlighted a most informative article from Metacoda's Paul Homes.

Paul himself commented on my post and offered an additional tip. Here's what Paul said:
I agree it would be nice if BI developers could do their own scans without relying on unrestricted admins to do them ahead of time. This would be similar to how DI developers can do their own impact analysis for DI content in SAS Data Integration Studio. Ideally, as with DI, they could be done dynamically, without having to do a scan and have a BI Lineage custom repository to store them in.

In the meantime, one tip I'd suggest to make it easier for the BI developers, is that BI Lineage scans can also be scheduled. An unrestricted admin can schedule a scan, at a high level in the metadata tree, to be done every night for example.
A useful tip indeed. Thanks Paul.