Tuesday 11 October 2011

NOTE: Enterprise Guide Autoexec

I'm part-teaching 10 Tips for Organising Your SAS Enterprise Guide Projects (EG1) in Marlow this week. Thus I was all the more interested to note the latest posting in the SAS Dummy blog wherein Chris Hemedinger lists his top ten EG tips.

The tips are applicable to all levels of EG expertise. Quite apart from being reminded that we can change the background colour of each process flow (tip 8), I was most grateful for the reminder of the ability to have an automatically executed process flow in EG 4.3 (tip 9). Chris provided some background/history to this back in January. If you're using EG 4.2 you can't use the autoexec process flow to provide a project-specific autoexec, but you can use Tools -> Options -> SAS Programs to create a "user-specific" autoexec.