Tuesday 18 October 2011

NOTE: SAS Global Forum (SGF) 2012 Call For Papers

Next year's SAS Global Forum will be held in Orlando, Florida, USA from April 22 to 25. As ever, it will be your best opportunity of the year to get up-to-date with SAS news and latest releases; pick up a bucket-load of hints, tips, and experiences; meet SAS's developers and pick their brains.

Why not make your own contribution to the event? Consider submitting a paper or poster. You have until November 14 to make a proposal. If you've not done such a thing in the past, fear not, some of the section heads are very supportive of new blood and will provide invaluable help, advice and feedback. Just go to the event home page and click the Get Involved link near the top of the page.

Will I see you there?