Thursday 6 October 2011

NOTE: Security Metadata Tool Enhanced (Metacoda Security Plug-Ins)

Back in April at SAS Global Forum (SGF) I wrote to say how I was impressed by the Metacoda Security Plug-Ins. SAS's security capabilities are not in question; the Metacoda Security Plug-Ins are a collection of plug-ins for SAS Management Console offering a large number of new, business-focused views on your SAS security metadata, making SAS's range of security capabilities more accessible, understandable, and easier to use.

The version I saw in April worked for SAS version 9.1.3 and 9.2. Michelle from Metacoda recently dropped me a line to highlight version 2 of the plug-ins. Version 2 introduces support for SAS 9.3. I recommend you take a look and contact Metacoda for more information.

And, Metacoda's Paul Homes's blog is featured in the right-hand margin of the NOTE: web site. If your job responsibilities/interests include SAS platform administration then Paul's blog will undoubtedly be a good read for you.