Tuesday 5 April 2011

NOTE: Get a Clearer View of Your Security Metadata

The partners booths at SAS Global Forum rarely offer third-party SAS software products. The one perrenial exception is Futrix (offering self-service BI beyond SAS's own capabilities), but this year sees an offering from Metacoda. It's the Metacoda Security Plug-Ins. This product is worth a serious look if you take the security of your SAS system and its data seriously.

SAS's security capabilities are not in question. They are multifarious, comprehensive and flexible. But that scope of capability means they have many dimensions, and your site's security implementation can quickly become difficult to perceive. That's where the Metacoda Security Plug-Ins step in to help. They are offered as a plug-in for SAS Management Console, and they offer a large number of views on your security metadata, meaning there's sure to be a convenient view to match your current interest and need.

The current version of the plug-ins work with 9.1.3 and 9.2. It covers ACTs, ACEs, users, groups and logins. A new version of the plug-ins will be available by summer and will add roles, capabilities and further details on internal logins for 9.2 customers.

I was impressed with what I saw demonstrated on the booth. Combined with flexible and affordable licensing models, I recommend you take a look and contact Metacoda for further details.

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