Wednesday 20 April 2011

300 Subscribers. Thank you!

Google Feedburner tells me that the NOTE: blog had 300 subscribers yesterday. This feels like a significant milestone to me. Thank you for your continued interest in my musings and observations.

At the risk of skewing the figures and compounding the apparent popularity of these posts, some of the most popular posts over the last 18 months are listed below. You'll notice how I prefix the title of SAS-related posts with "NOTE:" but don't do so for more generic topics.
The blog got started for real in September 2009. We quickly hit 100 subscribers in October 2009, and we achieved 200 subscribers in November 2010.

For those interested in statistics and figures, we have made a total of 205 posts (206 if you include this one); Sitemeter tells us that we've had a total of 9,673 visits to the home page (262 of which were last week alone). The 300 subscribers comprise 156 email subscribers plus 144 RSS subscribers.

Please keep visiting and keep commenting. And don't forget to encourage your colleagues to take a look and subscribe too: either by getting automatic emails, using RSS, or following our Twitterstream (@aratcliffeuk).