Friday 8 April 2011

NOTE: SAS Global Forum 2011 - Update #4

The conference is finished now. I'm back in my room, packing, in anticipation of tomorrow's flight back to London. I'm hoping to catch a show tonight - but I haven't booked yet.

[Update: I saw Jersey Boys. Fantastic. Highly recommended. Oh what a night (sorry, I couldn't resist!]

It was a good conference, with plenty to learn. If you'd like to get a feel for the quality and value of the presentations (perhaps you're considering a trip to SAS Global Forum 2011 in Orlando, Florida, USA in April) you can see some of the sessions in the (new for 2011) Take Out area.

The presentations in the Take Out area offer a combination of slides and audio, so you can hear the presenters deliver their presentation. Truth be told, I think the audio was recorded in a studio, not "live".

Be warned, I found I had to wait for the page to fully load, then click in the white square, then wait for the square to first turn grey and then offer slide 1 with a Play button. Without clicking on the plain white square you could be waiting quite some time (like I was).