Thursday 7 April 2011

NOTE: SAS Global Forum 2011 - Update #3

Today is the last day of the conference, and the atmosphere is quieter than previous days. It must be the effect of the kickback party at Pure nightclub last night. Nonetheless I've already seen some excellent papers this morning.

It's time for some thoughts on this year's conference, and to look ahead to next year's.

I've enjoyed this year's conference. It's always good to catch-up with old friends, and the content and quality of this year's papers has been as high as ever. SAS 9.3 is due for release towards the end of this year and looks to offer a good mix of new features and simpler administration.

I'd ask for a few improvements for next year's conference.
  1. Better wi-fi. The wi-fi here at Caesar's Palace is hateful. No technology conference staged in 2011 should have to suffer such ineffective wi-fi. It comes and goes at its leisure, and requires re-authentication every time it does so
  2. My iPhone toting friends have benefited from the SAS Global Forum iPhone app. I'd like to see that available for my Android device next year. The app offers excellent information about papers, the agenda, and the conference in general
  3. Fruit at the food stands. The coffee and soft drinks were nice; the pastries were okay; some fruit would have been gratefully received
On the plus side, I found the occasional texts about key events to be useful, and I liked the daily email delivered to my inbox at 7am each day.

Next year's conference will be in Orlando, Florida, USA between April 22nd and 25th. Andy Kuligowski will be the conference chair, so SAS Global Forum is in safe hands. In fact, if it coincides with school holidays, I may just bring the family.

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