Monday 18 April 2011

NOTE: Are You Ready to be Taught? Test Your SAS Skills

SAS Education in the US have launched a series of online assessments to allow prospective training customers to see if they're at the right level of knowledge to join a course. Since SAS share course materials across many regions, the value of these assessments is not limited to the US.

Each assessment contains 10 to 12 multiple choice questions designed to help you determine the most appropriate training for you based on your prior knowledge and experience. Once an assessment is completed, you are given a score (including the number and percentage of questions answered correctly), and a course recommendation is made.

It's a neat way to test your SAS skills, regardless of whether you intend going on the courses. I tried "SAS Macro Language 2: Developing Macro Applications" and was relieved to get 100% of the ten questions correct! The questions are multiple choice, but they include code snippets and they make you think. Recommended.