Tuesday 6 November 2012

NOTE: SGF 2013 Obsession #sasgf13

I think I'm becoming a bit obsessive about SAS Global Forum 2013, to be hosted by San Francisco. I mentioned a couple of months back how the sound of The Flower Pot Men had been floating around my head - Let's Go To San Francisco. I realised last night that I've been watching a lot of San Francisco based movies recently. Is this healthy?!

It started when we got a trial Netflix subscription and I watched Clint Eastwood in Escape from Alcatraz (on our TV via my son's Xbox). I'm not a great movie watcher, but I did enjoy the film and it inspired me to try-out some movies from the Google Play store and watch them on my Android tablet. It was a positive experience. It was easy to rent the movies, and the playback on the tablet was good. And, I noticed that I can stream them or I can download them. With 30 days in which to watch them, I noted the fact that I could download a number of movies onto my tablet and watch them during my journey to/from SAS Global Forum.

What movies have I watched on my tablet? Well I continued the action theme by watching Steve McQueen in Bullitt, then I returned to Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry, and then I saw The Maltese Falcon. None of them new, but all classics. It was while I was watching The Maltese Falcon that I realised that all four films were set in San Francisco. I hadn't deliberately set out to watch San Franciscan films.

My favourite? It has to be Bullitt. I'm a petrol head and I loved McQueen's Mustang. Just the sound of the engine was heavenly.

Is all this interest in San Francisco healthy? I'm not sure, but I've enjoyed the films, and I'm looking forward to learning lots at SAS Global Forum next year, so it can't be all bad.